Gateway Studios & Production Services (GSPS) was conceived in 2020 and assembled a team of professionals to build a world-class live touring rehearsal complex and production services company from the ground up. We were challenged to develop the most advanced production services platform currently available and a rehearsal studio campus unrivaled in the industry. We have now broken ground, and soon this campus will provide multiple studios of varying dimensions where live music productions will be created and launched across North America.

We offer production services for a wide variety of live events ranging from small shows to national tours headlined by the biggest names in the business. From corporate venues to outdoor arenas and stadiums, there isn’t a venue type we don’t have experience with—or a road we haven’t traveled. We combine the latest technology with skilled engineers to manufacture the ultimate show for customers.


Gateway Studios & Production Services is a purpose built company designed by industry leading professionals with a passion for the pursuit of excellence.

We offer our clients first class production support services and facilities unequaled in our industry.

Providing our clients an exceptional working environment is our goal and customer service is our culture.


GSPS has tapped an extraordinary senior leadership team. Assembled from across the United States, they collectively have more than 100 years of experience in live touring production, video production, light & sound production, LED technology and tour management.

We know that the Gateway team is what sets us apart. The results are long-standing client relationships and people who understand that a great attitude is just as important as having the best equipment.

Trey Kerr

Chief Executive Officer

Brian Carp

Chief Operating Officer

Garry Brown

President of Operations

Andy Gerber

President of Sales

David Haskell

President of Business Development