Festivals: Production Support

Jul 5, 2024

Gateway Studios & Production Services (GSPS) provided LED screens, media servers, and I-Mag video production at all stages at the Governors Ball Music Festival in New York City's Flushing Meadows Corona Park this year (a.k.a. Gov Ball, held June 7-9).

"One of the hardest challenges at festivals is advancing all the production needs for each band individually," says Andy Gerber President of Sales. "With more than 60 bands at the festival this year, most have unique requests for content and additional equipment specific to their set that we must provide. These requests require flexibility with our infrastructure and our on-site technicians to adapt and change seamlessly between sets so that each band has what they need when they step on stage. We must also be ready for the curveballs that inevitably come in a festival environment."

Gerber and the GSPS team worked hard to support the production management with the festival. "Working with Jonathan Nelson and Monty Curry has been a great experience over the past several years," comments Gerber. "The video requests continue to increase every year as artist needs get more specific, and one of the most challenging things is the fiber networking infrastructure that it takes to tie all the stages together for video content and cameras. Collectively our staff and technicians have a great deal of experience working on festivals throughout the past 20 years and we are vey detail-oriented in our advance process with festival production and the artists themselves." Learn more about the work of Gateway Studios & Production Services at www.gsps.com.

This article originally appeared in PLSN.